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directly negotiated with Artists

photocio+ negotiate with artists directly so, there is no extra distribution margin in our products.
in addition, because of the distribution channel is clear, third-party people would never use the data of your purchase.

our product... is big!!

our products come with big frames, because we believe only the transaction of data or printing piece is kinda insipid.
we cut the edge of frame out and made it look as simple as possible to create an impressive look of pictures.

manufactured on order

to cut the administrative cost, we do not have any stocks of artwork. so we can provide our artworks without any additional costs. all the artworks that photocio+ provides are produced on order so, it may take a few weeks till it gets you.
※ it will take about 1~2 week for the fabrication.

before the artwork arrives you

after the cofirmation of your order, we will send you a small package (called "starter kit")